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In electrostatics, we study electrostatic interactions where electric charges are at rest in our frame of reference. Now think about what happens when we are at rest in our frame of reference and the charge under consideration is moving with velocity v with respect to us such a moving charge leads to the origin of magnetism which we will discuss in a later section.

What is electricity?

Electricity deals with stationary and moving electric charges, the actions of force between these charges, and the electric and magnetic fields generated by them. Electrostatics is simply electricity at rest. Electricity is the backbone of modern society in which we use various instruments which depend on electric current for their functioning and without it, we would not have telephones, television, household appliances and many more gadgets which are now part of our daily life. In electricity, we study the motion of electric charges, or electric currents, and also the voltages that produce currents and the ways to control currents.

Nature of electricity

Electricity, recognized as a manifestation of energy, originates from diverse sources including chemical reactions, nuclear processes, thermal dynamics, and solar phenomena. Central to its nature is the movement and interaction of electric charges within various materials.   This article is…