Electrostatics Test (Online Practice Quiz)

Electrostatics test quiz
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Electrostatics Quiz

This electrostatics test contains questions where four options are provided. Students have to select the correct answer out of the available four choices. Once you have completed this test you can check the result by clicking the “View Results” button at the end of the quiz. You would then be able to view your performance/Result and answers to all these electrostatics test questions.

Instructions for taking the test

  1. Your test contains multiple-choice questions with only one answer type questions.
  2. This is not a timed test but try to finish the test in 10 minutes.
  3. You can finish this test any time using the ‘Submit’ button.

Test Questions

1. Consider a neutral conducting sphere. A positive point charge is placed outside the sphere. The net charge on the sphere is then:

2. Two similar point charges are situated at the x-axis at point $x=-a$ and $x=+a$. another point charge $Q$ is placed at the origin. If $Q$ is displaced by a small distance x on the X-axis, the change in its electric potential energy is approximately proportional to

3. At a point inside a charged hollow metallic sphere

4. A hollow sphere of metal of radius 10cm is charged in such a way that the potential of its surface is 5 Volt. The potential at the center of the sphere is

5. A sphere of radius 2cm has a charge of 2 micro Coulomb while the sphere of radius 5cm has charge 5 micro coulombs. The ratio of electric fields at a distance 10cm from the center of the spheres will be

6. The electron's attraction to the nucleus is called _________.

7. A comb runs through one's dry hair attracts small bits of paper. This happens because

8. Two identical conductors of copper and aluminum are placed in an identical electric field. The magnitude of induced charge in the aluminum will be


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